Who Needs Lock Rekeying?

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February 3, 2017
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Who Needs Lock Rekeying?

Here in the city of Los Angeles, our locksmiths’ services aren’t only limited to what is traditionally expected out of them which is to pick locks and create duplicate keys. There is a lot of other stuff that falls under their expertise one of which is what I will discuss in this article. Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths are hired by a lot of customers for their ability to rekey locks. For those of you who do not know what rekeying is then here are a few situations why and when rekeying is important.

  1. Having way too many keys.

If you already have a lot of keys in your keychain then that will eventually lead to you forgetting which key is for which. You would not also enjoy having a bulk of keys attached to your wallet or bag every single time not to mention the weight that all these keys would add up to your baggage. Through rekeying, a locksmith can be able to rekey all these keys into a single master key so that you would no longer bear the hassle of carrying too many keys in your purse or attached to your keychain.

  1. Too many people owning duplicate keys.

There comes a point in time wherein there are already too many people owning duplicate keys to your home or office that you need to start over at some point. This is another situation wherein rekeying comes in handy so that all the duplicate keys that were made before the rekeying process can no longer be used after the rekeying process is done. This is ideal as well for landlords who own apartments and condominium units that for rent.

  1. Lost keys.

Sometimes the only way to assure yourself that your lost keys didn’t fall to the hands of a crook or a burglar is by rekeying the locks to where that lost key can be used. Rekeying a lock is much cheaper instead of replacing the lock itself when the purpose is just the same.

  1. After purchasing a new house.

If the house that you have just bought was pre-owned then the former owner would probably have duplicate keys given to different people before. You would again need the services of a Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmith to rekey the locks inside your new home just to make sure that only you and your family have access to it. However, if the locks in there are made up of a quality locking system such as heavy gauge deadbolts or a keyless entry system then there would be no need for rekeying this time around.

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