Types of Garage Door Locks

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February 3, 2017
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Types of Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks are very important pieces of house equipment but are often overlooked because homeowners are more focused in their front door locks and other locks in the house. Most homeowners are just contented with whatever type of lock is being used to seal their garage. And yet, when break-ins happen, that is just when they will realize how important garage door locks are. If you happen to be one of the few who disregard garage door locks then this article will make you reconsider the importance of garage door locks to your home. Here is a list of different garage door locks that you can use as endorsed by Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths:

  1. Electronically-Operated Garage Door Locks

A product of modern technology, this type of garage door lock cannot be opened by the usual keys but can only be opened by fingerprints. The electronically-operated garage door lock can store several fingerprints that it can recognize for it to open. As the owner, you can give several people in the household authority by registering their fingerprints in the electronically-operated garage door lock. This way, only the people whose fingerprints are recognized by the machine can be able to open the garage door lock. Obviously, this is much more expensive compared to traditional key and lock system but it is close to impossible to break through this kind of high technology lock system.

  1. Keyless Digital Locks

This operates much like the electronically-operated garage door lock but the only difference is that this will only accept a digital code instead of fingerprints in order to unlock. Still, this type of lock is not susceptible to lock picking unlike most mechanical locks and can be relied on for its high security performance. Most keyless digital lock manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty in case intruders are able to break through past their technology.

  1. Garage Door Deadbolts

Can either come in single or double cylinder, the former requires a key that can be used from the outside and can be opened by a knob on the inside while the latter requires a key that can be both used from the inside and out. Most Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths endorse this type of garage door lock for practicality and security reasons.

  1. T-Handle Garage Door Locks

Garage doors that are made of metal are the ones who often use this type of garage door lock. Even though they are much like traditional locks that can be opened by keys, their keys come uniquely shaped that it may be difficult for burglars to figure the lock out or even duplicate the key.

  1. Side-Mounted Bolt

This is a simple conventional garage door lock that cannot be accessed from the outside. The deadbolt-style lock is mounted right on the door track and can only be pulled off by a person who is inside the garage. The lock system is very simple but it can already provide the security that you need for a very cheap price.

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