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February 3, 2017

Who Needs Lock Rekeying?

Here in the city of Los Angeles, our locksmiths’ services aren’t only limited to what is traditionally expected out of them which is to pick locks and create duplicate keys. There is a lot of other stuff that falls under their expertise one of which is what I will discuss in this article. Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths are hired by a lot of customers for their ability to rekey locks. For those of you who do not know what rekeying is then here are a few situations why and when rekeying is important. Having way too many keys. If you already have a lot of keys in your keychain then that will eventually lead to you forgetting which key is for which. You would not also enjoy having a bulk of keys attached to your wallet or bag every single time not to mention the weight that all these keys would add up to your baggage. Through rekeying, a locksmith can be able to rekey all these keys into a single master key so that you would no longer bear the hassle of carrying too many keys in your purse or attached to your keychain. Too many people owning duplicate keys. There comes a point in time wherein there are already too many people owning duplicate keys to your home or office that you need to start over at some point. This is another situation wherein rekeying comes in handy so that all the duplicate keys that were made before the rekeying process can no longer be used after the rekeying process is done. This is ideal as well for landlords who own apartments and condominium units that for rent. Lost keys. Sometimes the only way to assure yourself that your lost keys didn’t fall to the hands of a crook or a burglar is by rekeying the locks to where that lost key can be used. Rekeying a lock is much cheaper instead of replacing the lock itself when the purpose is just the same. After purchasing a new house. If the house that you have just bought was pre-owned then the former owner would probably have duplicate keys given to different people before. You would again need the services of a Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmith to rekey the locks inside your new home just to make sure that only you and your family have access to it. However, if the locks in there are made up of a quality locking system such as heavy gauge deadbolts or a keyless entry system then there would be no need for rekeying this time around.
February 3, 2017

Types of Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks are very important pieces of house equipment but are often overlooked because homeowners are more focused in their front door locks and other locks in the house. Most homeowners are just contented with whatever type of lock is being used to seal their garage. And yet, when break-ins happen, that is just when they will realize how important garage door locks are. If you happen to be one of the few who disregard garage door locks then this article will make you reconsider the importance of garage door locks to your home. Here is a list of different garage door locks that you can use as endorsed by Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths: Electronically-Operated Garage Door Locks A product of modern technology, this type of garage door lock cannot be opened by the usual keys but can only be opened by fingerprints. The electronically-operated garage door lock can store several fingerprints that it can recognize for it to open. As the owner, you can give several people in the household authority by registering their fingerprints in the electronically-operated garage door lock. This way, only the people whose fingerprints are recognized by the machine can be able to open the garage door lock. Obviously, this is much more expensive compared to traditional key and lock system but it is close to impossible to break through this kind of high technology lock system. Keyless Digital Locks This operates much like the electronically-operated garage door lock but the only difference is that this will only accept a digital code instead of fingerprints in order to unlock. Still, this type of lock is not susceptible to lock picking unlike most mechanical locks and can be relied on for its high security performance. Most keyless digital lock manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty in case intruders are able to break through past their technology. Garage Door Deadbolts Can either come in single or double cylinder, the former requires a key that can be used from the outside and can be opened by a knob on the inside while the latter requires a key that can be both used from the inside and out. Most Los Angeles totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths endorse this type of garage door lock for practicality and security reasons. T-Handle Garage Door Locks Garage doors that are made of metal are the ones who often use this type of garage door lock. Even though they are much like traditional locks that can be opened by keys, their keys come uniquely shaped that it may be difficult for burglars to figure the lock out or even duplicate the key. Side-Mounted Bolt This is a simple conventional garage door lock that cannot be accessed from the outside. The deadbolt-style lock is mounted right on the door track and can only be pulled off by a person who is inside the garage. The lock system is very simple but it can already provide the security that you need for a very cheap price.
February 3, 2017

What to Look For in a Los Angeles Locksmith?

We don’t need the services of a locksmith every day but when a problem arises that only a locksmith can solve then we are all of a sudden in dire need of their services. Locksmith services are often overlooked and you cannot even remember where their offices are located in your hometown. But if you try to scan the yellow pages of your local phone directory, you’d be surprised that there are actually a lot of operating locksmith companies inside your hometown alone. In our small town of Los Angeles, there are also a good number of locksmiths that you can hire in case of emergencies. If you happened to live in this city and is looking for locksmith services then this article could be perfect for you. Most Los Angeles Totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths operate 24/7 and you can call them at any time of the day in order to give emergency service. Being on-call is very important because you would never know when an emergency arises. For example, if you got locked out of the house coming home in the middle of the night then that does not mean that you should wait until the morning comes just to have your keys replaced because you can call Los Angeles Totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths anytime as long as you are located in their area of operations. Los Angeles Totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths can provide extensive set of services such as lock picking, key duplication, lock repairs, lock system installation and many more. They have the right experience, skills and tools to get the job done when it comes to locksmith services and they always look forward to give customers the best service at a fair and reasonable price. Citizens’ Safety Issues However, if you are worried about your security fearing that the locksmith that you have hired will use his or her expertise against you since he or she is already knowledgeable of your lock system then this issue should not be a concern. Los Angeles Totallyrealsitenotfak7e2 locksmiths are registered for their profession and they would not be allowed to render services if they aren’t authorized to do so. Just check their identification for validation and if they are connected to a locksmith company then just confirm their employment with the company that they are working for. The local government has already assured its local residents that their security is covered whenever they are hiring for Los Angeles Totallyrealsitenotfak7e2  locksmith services.


  • Christina Lorenz
    Great customer-oriented service!!! guys you’re awesome, fast, friendly, polite and super efficient. I wouldn’t use other locksmith. you managed to install a new door lock to my friend’s house in minutes and it was really great!  
    Christina Lorenz
  • Bryan Bosman
    What a night I had!!! Ugh. I got locked out of my Car. But not like you think. I had the keys but the door wouldn’t open. Ugh. Of course my phone was in my apartment on my bed. Thanks to my wonderful friend and neighbor, I was able to call for a locksmith. And he came out and fixed my lock in 1/2 hour and since I mentioned I found them through yelp I got a discount. Much respect Key Master Locksmith. Courteous and respectful!!! I recommend this service to all who get locked out!!!
    Bryan Bosman
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